One way is never the right way or the wrong way

To simplify our lives it seems like we try to understand things in black or white, right or wrong, always and never. We've all seen "the right way of doing x" and "5 reasons why you should avoid x". I understand the value in a motivating caption for a blog post or article. It's just that I'm convinced this divided thinking doesn't serve us as much as we would like. Not when it comes to yoga and movement.

Recently I had a discussion at a course I was teaching. We discussed the perspectives of biomechanics and if we should apply it or not to yoga asana. One argument was that the body is self-organizing, so we shouldn't try to organize or analyze it. From a black and white perspective, there will be a right way and a wrong way here. Personally I don't see the conflict in using both perspectives. The body is extremely resilient and self-organizing. But, applying an intelligent biomechanical approach will develop a greater capacity. I would also argue that it can make the path towards a goal more efficient and easier to evaluate.


One perspective doesn't necessarily rule out another.


A few thoughts came to my mind that I thought I'll share.


1. There are many paths to a destination

We all know this. Sometimes we forget and we want to tell everyone about our own path that's the best. Let's just remind ourselves that there are many.


2. No yoga pose is necessarily bad

I often hear from yogis that certain poses are bad or risky. As if a pose in itself can lead to injury. I would argue that it always depends on the individual who performs the pose or movement, not the pose in itself. So how can we ever categorize something to always be a bad option? Although, a discussion is much needed when it comes to ideals and asana.


3. Your reality, purpose, and goal are key

There are many factors to take into account.

  • your earlier experience

  • where you are in your progression at the moment

  • the rest of your life (other stresses like work, social life, family )

  • your purpose and what matters the most to you

  • if you have a goal

All these factors should shape your practice.


One thing is for sure. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. Things that used to be black and white to me is now in shades of grey. I also enjoy the process of trying to explore and understand, but without the purpose of fully embracing something or ruling it out.

There are many ways that could potentially be right or wrong in a given situation.

YogaSara Hoy